Lettuce, Books, and a Blog

Lettuce, you say? You’re writing a food blog, and you’re trying to win us over with lettuce?

It’s true, lettuce doesn’t really do it for most of us bipeds, but it’s the most scrumptious, mouth-watering thing around if you happen to be a rabbit—and the rabbits in Watership Down, who would do anything for the shred of a leaf of the King’s Lettuce, are a perfect example of what loving food is all about.

Each post features a recipe and a brief review of a related book, song, or poem.  Try both, preferably at once, because there are few experiences as delectable as soaking up a good story while nibbling on a delicious treat.

About Emily

Despite this blog’s healthy sounding moniker, I am a baked-good fiend. It would be positively divine if we could subsist entirely on mini éclairs, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and piping hot apple pies, right?

That being said, I’ve recently recovered from eight years of dedicated vegetarianism, and some healthy eating has rubbed off on me. I spend my culinary time exploring different grains and fresh vegetables and convincing my more carnivorous brethren not to overlook the charms of the not-formerly-conscious food world.

My views on books are even simpler—I like the good ones. A quick look at the Book Reviews page will show you which ones I think those are.

About Lettuce

Pretend for a moment that you’re a small, furry brown rabbit sitting in the grass, and you’re staring at a big, crispy green head of lettuce, wrapped up in its fresh, dewy leaves. You are so busy dreaming about crunching into its light, delicious layers you can’t even move. C’mon, lettuce is delicious.



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